New Clients/FAQ

Let’s get in touch

It is great to hear from you! I  am  excited  you  found  this  page,  and  look  forward  to  developing  a  strong  working  relationship  with  you (and/or  your  family).  

For  fastest scheduling  for  new  clients,  email/text  me  ( or  469.278.6557)   your  name,  child’s  name  (if  applicable)  and  best  email,  and  I  will  send  my  new  client  paperwork  to  you  ASAP.  Look  for  email  from  Simple  Practice.  Once  the  paperwork  is  filled  out,  I  will  connect  you  with  my  scheduling  portal.  For court involved families, either pre, current or post litigation, I have a highly structured and detailed process for the family system. Please contact me for more details at my email (  Please  read  over  my  FAQ  below,  since  many  questions  are  answered  here.       

For child  and  adolescent  new  clients, my process is to meet with parents first for an intake initial appointment, where I hear more concerns and go over developmental history and social/emotional challenges. We then agree on a plan for your family from that first meeting . I take a family systems approach in working with children and teens. I always work alongside the parents for brainstorming, education and progress updates. I usually meet with a family weekly at first, then space out as rapport is built and goals are being met.   

For adult/college aged counseling, my  process  is  to  create a plan based on the presenting concern  of the adult. For college  aged  students,  I  also  work  alongside  parents  in  the  treatment  plan  as  needed.  


My counseling rate is $250 per session. All sessions are scheduled online at my counseling portal.

I am out of network on insurance- but I can “courtesy“ file for you for most counseling appointments and have the insurance reimbursement sent directly to you. Certain restrictions apply.


My hours are 8:15- 5 pm on MW, 8:15-8:15 on T/TH, and 8:15-5:45 on FRI. Please note, appointments are scheduled through my online portal. I will always do my best to find a time that works best for your family, but do have LIMITED afternoons and evening appointments. Due to very high demand over the last several years, please consider your level of flexibility for consistent sessions before scheduling the first meeting. I cannot guarantee any particular time, but will do my best to find a time that works for you and your family.

Text me with any questions at 469.278.6557.