Both Mothers and Friends Shape Adolescent Self-esteem

A new longitudinal study takes a deep dive into adolescent self-esteem and the role that parents – specifically mothers – and friends play in shaping how youth feel about themselves. — Read on

Important Fourth Grade Social Skills

Why It’s Important: Conflict resolution is a skill that takes constant practice and refinement. Up until this stage, your child may not have been able to approach a problem and propose a solution without the help of an adult. Being able to start a conversation with a peer or a teacher about an issue withContinue reading “Important Fourth Grade Social Skills”

Ineffective Discipline

Poor discipline techniques happens for a variety of reasons. One of the more common reasons is when a parent is triggered by a fear of what their child might “become.” So something small that happens (a stolen piece of bubble gum, a white lie, etc) gets magnified to a much higher degree due to theContinue reading “Ineffective Discipline”

Which style of parenting do you use for your kids?

Having a relationship with your child based on empathy and mutual respect, also known as “gentle parenting,” can make them more confident, says one author.   — Read on

Disney Movies + Child Development

I would say excessive screen time is a priority concern for families. I have listened to many families who had exercised very strong boundaries with screen time, only to see regression during this recent pandemic. Here is an article giving some good benefits for screen time. As you navigate the screen time “struggle” as aContinue reading “Disney Movies + Child Development”