Adolescents, mental health, and TikTok use

At the 2022 Pediatric Academic Societies meeting, Bradley Kerr, MS shared research on how adolescents really feel about TikTok when it comes to mental health support and peer comparison. — Read on

Social connectedness, sleep, and physical activity associated with better mental health among youth during the COVID-19 pandemic

NIH-supported study also found girls were at higher risk for stress, anxiety, and depression than boys. — Read on

Important Fourth Grade Social Skills

Why It’s Important: Conflict resolution is a skill that takes constant practice and refinement. Up until this stage, your child may not have been able to approach a problem and propose a solution without the help of an adult. Being able to start a conversation with a peer or a teacher about an issue withContinue reading “Important Fourth Grade Social Skills”

Young people continue to struggle with suicidal ideation

NPR’s Steve Inskeep talks to U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy about his advice for addressing challenges that worsened with the pandemic — including young people struggling with suicidal thoughts. — Read on

Positive Parenting for Confident Kids

Take a look at this article that discusses raising confident and successful kids. More one on one time, clear expectations, encouragement and focusing on what you can control are helpful points to consider…

How to Lower Your Child’s Risk for Addiction

A strong sense of self-efficacy is one of the most powerful protective factors parents can give their children. These are very trying times. Substance abuse problems are skyrocketing across the nation. Read on for warning factors around this trend. — Read on

Empathy Building

Here are some helpful ideas around building empathy in your child or teen. So often, we have a difficult time labeling our feelings and emotions. Building tools and vocabulary around emotional vocabulary is a great first step towards building empathy.  A good reminder for all of us is acknowledging differences. Those who are able toContinue reading “Empathy Building”

How To Improve Self-Esteem: A New Secret From Research

Take a look at the differences between self esteem and self compassion. Want to know how to improve self-esteem? The answer is going to surprise you. Research shows the best way has nothing to do with self-esteem at all… — Read on