Children’s screen time doubled during pandemic – and hasn’t changed much since – Study Finds

Here is the latest research on screen time. Let me give a quick synopsis of what I have been hearing from many families.

One of the issues I have worked with parents on is navigating screen time boundaries for their kids. Many families were reporting great progress with consistent boundaries and structure in their homes. Then March 2020 hit. All the sudden, we asked our kids to be on a screen all day long. Kids were not playing together outside. Social isolation was the norm. So what ended up happening? Screen time usage soared. Whether Roblox, Minecraft, Fortnite, FaceTime, or other forms of social media, all the sudden this was the social pipeline for kids to connect and stay connected. So the progress families had worked hard on to reduce screen time was wiped away very fast. Now, most kids are back in school full time. But the habits formed over the last 18 months remain.

Results show adolescents are, on average, looking at screens for recreation for 7.7 hours a day.
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