Adolescent Depression: What Parents Can Do To Help

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) discusses ways parents can help teens with depression. As always, looking to point to helpful resources on understanding and helping with mental health challenges. — Read on

Money does not solve all problems

Therapist Clay Cockrell writes “Too many of my clients want to indulge their children so “they never have to suffer what I had to suffer” while growing up. But the result is that they prevent their children from experiencing the very things that made them successful: sacrifice, hard work, overcoming failure and developing resilience. AnContinue reading “Money does not solve all problems”

How To Talk To Kids About Tragedies In The Media

Tonight, there was a breaking news event out of Wisconsin where a speeding SUV crashed into innocent bystanders, injuring countless people and killing several others. Stories like this are hard to process for parents. I cannot imagine the pain and grief of having to talk to a loved one after the loss of life soContinue reading “How To Talk To Kids About Tragedies In The Media”

This North Texas church lost six members to suicide. Here’s what it’s doing to get families help

Health professionals warn of a second pandemic related to mental illness. Take a look at this article for ideas and suggestions on suicide prevention. — Read on

How to stop biting your nails

I try to post articles about actual client concerns. This is a common one. Replace the nail-biting habit with a good habit. When you feel like biting your nails, try playing with a stress ball or silly putty instead. This will help keep your hands busy and away from your mouth. — Read on